Brassed On!

Left Luggage was approached by the BFBB and the Association of Brass Band Adjudicators to facilitate an event to which brass band associations across Britain would be invited.


Design a full day session that would enable all parties to:
» Participate in a summit to contribute to debate and discussion on the future of brass bands
» Look at ways to move forward as a united organisation and what that organisation might look like
» Leave the event with a future date in the diary


Consultation over a period of three months:
» Visit to the site in Birmingham
» Research into the history of banding
» Collation of current information on websites and publications in the banding world.


» Flexibility – following the energy of the group and responding quickly to needs as expressed by the delegates.
» Acknowledgement – of the achievements, tensions and overall history of the movement.
» Honesty – to air not only their views but their concerns and fears as well. Including the dissenting voices allowed real debate about the fundamental hindrances to the progress of the brass band movement and a clearing of the air.


Action methods such as timelines and Open Space Architecture that offered delegates freedom to move around and focus on the issues that held meaning for them.


By the end of the day, we had a date in the diary in the near future and a way to speak to each other in future meetings.