Having Enough

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2 One Day Workshops about Prosperity and Money on 14 & 15 June

Explore your relationship with money and improve it!

Money is a complex issue for many of us. It invokes insecurities and passions, and can take on disproportionate importance in our lives. Whilst many of us acknowledge that money has little to do with true prosperity, nevertheless our relationship to money can impact strongly on our sense of well being.

The course will be run using a variety of action based techniques giving us an opportunity to have fun exploring our relationship with money on cognitive, emotional and spiritual levels.
You don’t need any experience of these methods to draw some meaning out of these workshops!

At the end of the course, participants should have:

· Consciousness about how you relate to money
· Knowledge of your fears around money and how these influence your thinking and actions
· A sense that the investment in the day has been worthwhile

· Joy around money
· A sense of having faced your fears surrounding money
· A sense of abundance and an understanding of prosperity
· A sense of the way money flows and how you relate to this flow
· A sense that the investment in the day was worthwhile, financially, time and energy-wise

ANE FREED-KERNIS: Ane is an experienced trainer and facilitator. She has spent years working on money issues, and is now happily solvent. She thinks that the art of ‘having enough’ is a fine balance between physical, emotional and other energies, and has a seriously playful and relaxed attitude to money. Ane is the treasurer of SCAN.

VALERIE MONTI HOLLAND: Valerie is a coach, trainer and facilitator who is the director of Left Luggage Creative Training and Facilitation, an independent consultancy working in public health and criminal justice as well as using creativity to further leadership goals and business development. She, too, is happily solvent, a member of the co-ordinating committee of SCAN and experiencing prosperity on a more regular basis.

Venue: Sharrow Performing Arts Space Sitwell Place, Sheffield S7 1BE Cost: £100 per day or £180 for both day
Times: Saturday 14 June 9.30 – 17.00
Sunday 15 June 9.30 – 16.00
Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided. The course is NOT residential. Participants can book accommodation at local hotels if needed. The venue is central in Sheffield, easily accessible from Sheffield Station.