I don’t DO role play

Apr 19, 2011Blog0 comments

Great! I’m not asking you to role play. This is Sociodrama, an interactive way of building your team, resolving group issues and planning a strategy.


» Sociodrama is a mapping of a system, be that at work, in a group, in a family or on a much broader scale, i.e. the health service.
» Sociodrama is a method of helping people see where that system works well and the relationships that exist within that system.
» Sociodrama is a way of helping people who aren’t normally heard to have a voice.
» Sociodrama is a method with a worldwide movement and a new book, Sociodrama in a Changing World.
» Sociodrama is used in many different contexts – I use it with businesses, schools, individuals, groups, organisations, teams.


But it does involve naming roles, taking them and speaking from them.

Think of it as a stakeholder analysis on its feet.