Left Luggage – A Metaphorical Approach

Apr 15, 2011Blog0 comments

When I first arrived in this country from America, I was intrigued and often amused by the meaning of certain words and phrases:

“Give Way” for “Yield”

“Way Out” instead of “Exit”

Left Luggage was one of those phrases. Was this the British version of Lost and Found? Was it what you did with old bags you didn’t want anymore?

I found out that Left Luggage was a place where you could store your baggage en route to another destination.

What a great metaphor! You can put your old stuff in a safe place while you find adventure. You can even get rid of some of the stuff that made your bags too heavy in the first place. And best of all? You don’t need to pick up your stuff until you’re ready to continue on your journey. I was sold.

Left Luggage is a company that explores the ways in which “old baggage” could be hindering you, whether it’s in the workplace or home. We offer you the ability to “repack” by helping you to identify resources and to plan for the next journey.

“A picture is worth a thousand words and a metaphor is worth a thousand pictures.”
Dan Pink