Left Luggage On Tour

Oscar Wilde described the U.S. and the U.K. as being ‘two countries separated by the same language’.
Language is critical and only a small percentage of our communication is based on what we say. Recognising the signals we send is so much more than observing body language. Good communication starts internally and with an understanding of which role you are playing in interacting with others.

In Sydney, Australia at the Participatory Design Conference, we examined how dynamic methods bring value and meaning to cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary working in a workshop entitled Using Action Methods for Cross-Boundary Participation.

This approach is useful when working with people who speak different languages too as it is visual and not reliant upon the spoken word.

Valerie has a background as a transnational partnership manager working in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden. This included a heated debate at the European Commission for delegates from 22 nations. Voices were raised (in many tongues) but no blood was shed!

Must say I really enjoyed the event, the creativity of it all and your facilitation was excellent.
Helen, Sheffield Hallam University