What Role do you Play when Managing Change?

Mar 29, 2011Blog0 comments

I recently made the big leap and switched to satellite from cable. I embraced this change, have sacrificed days of my life to make it happen…and it’s still ludicrously painful and slow. But at some point, the sacrifice will be worth it.

We often need and want change in our lives, but the transitional period between wanting it to happen and having it happen can be long – often too long for comfort. So how do you manage that in-between phase? How can you best maximize it?

I recently worked with a national voluntary agency undergoing a much greater change than a simple switch of internet provider. We “unpacked” the ways in which transitional change could be managed:

» EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION IS KEY– transparent, purposeful and empathetic
» UNDERSTANDING THE DIRECTION OF THE CHANGE and the new roles it might entail
» HAVING SKILLS ACKNOWLEDGED AND VALUED– by self and those in decision-making positions

The role you play is entirely a choice that you create. I could be sitting here, playing the role of Frustrated, Broadband-less New and Upset Customer and while holding that role, I’m equally making good use of this time to be Inspired Writer without Internet but with Notebook and Human Companion to Snoring Greyhound which are much more enjoyable roles to play.

What roles are you playing today? How do you manage that often-awkward period between Point A and Point B?